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General Characteristics of the District
Warangal is one of the 10 districts of Telangana region of A.P., it is a place with a great historic past. It is the seat of the Vishnukundins and Kakatiya dynasties who ruled the region pre Buddhist period. The Warangal fort, the thousand pillar temple, Ramappa temple and Bhadra kali temple are the fine remnants of the glorious bygone area. After the downfall of Kakatiyas the region was ruled by Qutub shahis and the Nizam. The major crops in district are rice, maize, green gram, red gram, groundnut, cotton, chillies. Major vegetable grown are tomato, bhendi, brinjal. Main horticulture is mango and banana and sweet orange. The major source of irrigation is wells, tanks, minor irrigation projects of canals and tube wells. The major tanks are Ramappa, Lakhanavaram, pakhal and Ghanapuram tanks. River Godavari acts as a boundary but it has not been tapped for irrigation. Madaram Jatara, it is a tribal festival held in once in 2 years in Medaram. State Government proposes to recognize this Madaram jatara as National Festival.

Location & Geographical Area.

The district is bounded by Khammam district on East, Karimnagar district on North, Nalgonda on the South and Medak on the West. The geographical area is 12834 Sq.kms


The Topography of the district consists of isolated hills. Rain fed tanks, lakes and shrubby forests. The major soil types found in the district are red chalka (55%), black cotton soil (22%) loamy soil (14% and sandy loams (9%). Climate in district is generally dry. Summer is hot, with mercury touching 500 C. The temperature dips to 130C in winter during the month of December and January. Normal annual rainfall is 994 mm. Generally rainfall received is 622 mm to 750 mm.

Availability of Minerals.

Major minerals available in the district are laterite, dolomite, coal, clay, black granite and limestone.


An area of 371014 Hectars is under forest mainly in the mandals of Eturunagaram, Tadvai and Mangapet. The minor forest produce in the district are Gumcaraya, wild brooms, soapnuts, nuxvomica, mahua seed etc. Forest development programme in the district include the World Bank assisted community forest management program, Velugu program for natural resource management.

Administrative set up.

The entire district is divided into 5 Revenue divisions. 1. Warangal 2. Mahaboobabad  3.Mulug  4Janagam 5.Narasampet. These divisions constitute 51 Mandals.

Major exportable item:

Micro & Small Scale Sector (MSE) in the district mainly consists of Agro-based industries like rice mills, flour mills, turmeric polishing, food products etc. Hand looms, mineral based industries like granite cutting and stone crushing, handicrafts and certain demand based industries. Leather tanning is famous in Warangal district. There are mainly tanning units working actively and making good profits. Leather products items like leather bags, jackets, purses are exporting item. Rice, rice bran oil, Leather products like leather bags, jackets, purses are exporting items. Singareni colleries is a crown in producing coal.

Mineral based Industries
Fly ash bricks, cement concrete dense, bricks and blocks, cement mosaic tiles, hydrated lime, granite lime, granite tiles, coal fuel briquittes and cement products are exporting items. Whole blocks of granite are export item.

Growth Trend:

Hand loom weaving (silk) handicrafts, dhurry making leather tanning and cotton ginning units are having growth trend. It is noteworthy that Warangal district is famous for tanneries and plenty of skins and hides are available in the district. So, growth trend is there for tanning units.

Vendorisation/Ancillarisation of the Industry:

For agro-based industries:
Mini rice mills, dall mills, cold storage plants, Fruit processing mango pulp, mango jelly, can canning, pickles and other fruit based processing units etc. for tanning units, ancillary are chemicals supply units, ancillary units for Singareni collieries. Ferric alum, plastic buckets wood preservative chemicals, bleaching powder, rivets, roof support units etc.

Service Enterprises:

Warangal is mainly based on Agro resources, mineral resources, forest resources, handloom, handicrafts are service enterprises.

Potential areas for service Industry:

It is reported that there were 435 rice mills in the district. The mills are mainly concentrated in Warangal, Hanumkonda, Mahabubabad, Thorur, Geesugonda, Janagam, Narasannapat and Hasanparthy, Kesamudram areas. It is learnt all these mills are running profitably hence there is good scope to encourage mini rice mills.

Stone crushing activity
There are 100 quarry leases concerning an area of 365 acres in the district. There are 45 stone crushing units in the district. The district has deposits of granite in abundance. It generates employment for good number of rural people. The activities are concentrated in Hanumakonda, Hasanparthy, Mahaboobabad, Dharma sagar, Korivi & Shayampet and Parkal Mandals.

Leather tannings:

Concentrated in Desaipet, Enamamula and its surrounding areas. It is repored 15 units are actively working after tanning, the finished skins and hides are sent to trade houses in Tamilnadu for exporting. Around 80 MSEs are registered for manufacture of leather based products (apart from tanneries)

Silk weavings:

Silk weaving cluster is concentrated in and around Bachannapet 200 weaver families are engaged in silk weaving.

Hand looms:

The district has 50 Handloom weavers Cooperative societies including 2 wool weavers cooperative societies and 21 power loom societies. Weaver clusters are located at Parkal, Jangoan and Kothawada. Products made are bed sheets, towels, lungies, cotton tape, wood work etc.


Pembarthy is famous for handicrafts like idols of gods and godesses decorative items by using metals like Brass and copper.

Potential for New MSMEs

Agro based        
Modern Rice mills, rice rava, rice suji, poha, murmura, dall mills, oil mills (Neem, Cotton, groundnut), cold storages, Fruit processing, mango pulp, juice, bars, toffees, jelly, spices grinding, (chilies ,turmeric) Mini Dairy, dairy products, Maize flakes, and maize products, cattle feed, poultry feed, bio fertilizers, banana fibre extraction, furfural, Potato chips, papads, groundnut chikki, seed processing plants, tomato ketchup, Jams and Jellies, pickles, vegetable dehydration, rice bran oil, bread, bakery products, ice cream, ginger paste, ice blocks, glucose from maize, popcorn, vermicelli, noodles, tuity fruity, cotton seed oil, fuel briquettes, cellulose from cotton stems, chopped fodder, mineral water, chicken fast food centres etc.

Forest Based     

Wooden furniture, saw mills, leaf cups and plates, agarbathi sticks, Myrabolam extract for tanneries, tamarind seed starch and pulp, honey bee keeping and processing, soap nut powder, herbal products like shampoos, gum, Beedi making, carpentry work, nurseries, decorative items from palm leaves, ayurvedic formulations, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, etc
Live stock and leather based products, Leather tanneries, leather footwear, leather garments, leather travel goods, purses and novelties, leather shoe uppers, leather chappals and sandals, leather belts and straps, dressed chicken outlets, Horn products, bone meal, poultry farm, etc.

Mineral based 

Mineral grinding, Granite polishing, Cement hollow bricks, Stone crushing, bricks, pre cast cement concrete products.

Chemicals and allied

Detergent Powder, liquid soaps, Phenyl, Plastic disposable cups and plates, Camphor tablets, PVC Chappals, hawai chappals, Air room fresheners, Distemper paints, Plastic products, etc, screen printing, paper bags, agarbathi, note books, computer stationery , plastic folders, file covers, file pads, etc

Textile based 

Hosiery, Lace Making, Readymade garments, crochet lace goods, Cotton Ginning, Silk Weaving, Silk Reeling centre, bed sheets, pillow covers, school bags, canvas shoes, surgical bandage, etc

Engineering based 

General Engineering Workshops, (grills and gates) Agricultural Implements, Builders' Hardware, Tyre retreading, Wire drawing and wire nails, Electronic and electronic goods, Voltage stabilizers, Printed circuit boards, TV booster amplifiers, electronic fan regulators, inverters and converters, electronic milk analyzer, lamp fittings, auto lamps, GLS lamps, conductors, cables and wires, small transformers, household electric appliances, room coolers, wiring accessories, plugs, sockets and switches, software development.

Service oriented

Taxis, Tent houses, STD Booths, Xerox, Cyber Cafes, Tourist guides, Digital Photography, motor rewinding, 2 /3 Wheeler Servicing, Repairing house hold appliances, Servicing of Agricultural implements, Fast food centres, Hotels, Dhabas, Laundry houses, tool rooms ( in Industrial areas), Testing houses, repairing and servicing of cellular phones , beauty parlours, etc.